More Peridot Jewelry!

I have finally used up all of the Peridot beads I purchased for this year’s jewelry. The beads are beautiful but a pain to photograph! All of these pieces of jewelry are sold separately in my Etsy shop at:


Peridot Necklaces and Earrings!

I’m still adding Peridot jewelry to my shop since August is just around the corner. Here are two more necklaces and pairs of earrings. Everything is sold separately in my shop on Etsy at:

These beads were a pain to photograph due to the fact that they have intense color to make them more appealing. When my camera flashes to take the picture, they turn these gorgeous Peridot glass beads into lit up orbs! I did the best I could with the camera I have and I did post the best looking of the photos.

Peridot Bracelets!

I’m continuing to make Peridot jewelry for those women who have birthdays in August or for anyone that loves Peridot! These bracelets are sold together and have more detail to read about in my shop on Etsy at:Image

Peridot Crystal Statement Jewelry!

I created Peridot crystal jewelry that makes a bold statement for August birthdays since Peridot is the birthstone for August! All three pieces have a total of 149 beautiful Peridot AB Crystals. To see this collection and find out more information, go to:

New Trendy Jewelry!

Due to having so many medical problems, I stay home unless I have a doctor’s appointment, or need to go grocery shopping. I do not get out enough to notice the latest trends in jewelry. A friend of mine gave me an update so that I could create jewelry that will be hip and popular, since I have had so much trouble selling my jewelry on Etsy. I get a lot of compliments from people for some of the…









items I have made but no one buys any of it. Hopefully, I will start selling jewelry soon since I have made so much of it! To get more information for any of this jewelry you see and all of the items for sale in my shop on Etsy, go to: