Remodeled Bathroom!

A few years ago, the tile around our tub was collapsing and falling apart. So, I found a great tile design online, printed it out for my husband, and he put new tile up around our tub and on other sections of the bathroom walls. He and I decided that the new tile should go all the way up the wall until it hit the ceiling. We are tall people, especially our son who is almost 6’4 and when we showered, the old tile was barely past the tops of our heads. When the water hit us, it just sprayed all over the wall above where the tile stopped. That caused the wall and tile to buckle. That’s why when he put up the new tile, we decided that to keep this from happening again, it had to go all the way up the wall around the tub. He did such a beautiful job and with the



tile design, I found that we had to buy a clear glass shower door. It not only shows off the beautiful tiled wall but it also opens up our small bathroom!


10% Off Sale!

From now until at least the end of the year, I will be offering 10% Off anything in my shop on Etsy EVERY Wednesday and Thursday until Midnight EST! There will be a new coupon code every week since it is a sale code that all of us use who are on the Simply The Best team on Etsy. The code will be listed on the main information page and in order to get the discount, you must use the code that will be on my site at check out. I have a variety of items in my shop and anyone who has seen my blogs knows some of the things I carry. Please come and check out my shop at:

You are more than welcome to check out my shop and browse to your heart’s content!

Genuine Turquoise Jewelry!

I just added three pieces of genuine howlite turquoise jewelry! Turquoise jewelry is always in style and very popular. You can wear it with anything–jeans, work outfits, or even dressy occasions! You can find these items in my shop on Etsy at:

New Cuff Earring and Two Hand Turned Wooden Items!

I made a couple of cuff earrings, listed under the same post on Etsy but sold separately. I also added a hand turned wood bowl and box. All of the items that my husband has made out of wood are upcycled. He was given the wood at a job site and was told he could do with it what he wanted. You can find all of the items in my shop on Etsy at:

Two More Hand Turned Wooden Boxes!

I added two more hand turned wooden boxes made out of maple to my shop on Etsy last night. The largest box has 2 sections! To find out more about these boxes, please visit my shop on Etsy at:ImageImage

More Wood Hand Turned Items!

I just listed two more hand turned wooden items made by my husband! There is another lidded box and a bowl and both are made out of maple. To find out more information regarding these items, here is the link to my shop on Etsy:

Hand Turned Wood By My Husband, Don!

I just added hand turned wood items created and made by my husband, Don. I will be adding the items he has made over the next few days. For starters, I have added the beautiful pair of wooden candlesticks and wood turned box. To find out more about these items, please visit my Etsy shop at: