Remodeled Bathroom!

A few years ago, the tile around our tub was collapsing and falling apart. So, I found a great tile design online, printed it out for my husband, and he put new tile up around our tub and on other sections of the bathroom walls. He and I decided that the new tile should go all the way up the wall until it hit the ceiling. We are tall people, especially our son who is almost 6’4 and when we showered, the old tile was barely past the tops of our heads. When the water hit us, it just sprayed all over the wall above where the tile stopped. That caused the wall and tile to buckle. That’s why when he put up the new tile, we decided that to keep this from happening again, it had to go all the way up the wall around the tub. He did such a beautiful job and with the



tile design, I found that we had to buy a clear glass shower door. It not only shows off the beautiful tiled wall but it also opens up our small bathroom!


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