There are three birthdays in my family this month. Mine was yesterday; my beautiful granddaughter’s is on September 18th; my son-in-law’s is on September 27th. Because of this, I’m offering FREE SHIPPING for anything that is purchased from my shop on Etsy all month long! Even though I’m still running 10% off everything every Wednesday and Thursday, you will save more money if you use the FREE SHIPPING coupon instead for U.S. domestic shipping only. I wish I could offer the free shipping for International orders but shipping prices are just too high. However, if any of you from a different country want to buy something from me this month, I will take off whatever the shipping rate is in the U.S. You will still save more money this way! Most of my shipping rates begin at $5.00 and go up to $20.00 (this is for the baby quilts) in the U.S. For more information, please go to: